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Title Creature Morphing
Author Frellesen, Jonas Lindberg
Supervisor Bærentzen, Jakob Andreas (Image Analysis and Computer Graphics, Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Master's thesis
Year 2008
Abstract The development of computer games leads to continuous increase in the production time for the creation characters, and thereby continously increasing the expenses. This project examines the possibility of morphing between pre-generated 3d character models, while preserving the attributes needed for their utilisation in computer games. A method for morphing between meshes by the use of correspondences and relaxation is proposed and implemented. Moreover, the attributes need adjustments after the morphing of the model. Methods for doing this are proposed and implemented. This project are split into three different scenarios, based upon beforehand known correlation between the models of the morphing. These scenarios uses different variations of the proposed method, and their results are evaluated individually. The preservation of attributes are evaluated for the different parts of the morphing method. The method has been implemented in a demo program, which is written in C++, visualized by OpenGL and uses FCOLLADA to handle the content of the models. Based upon the results of this project, it can be concluded that the method proposed is very suitable for morphing between models with a large similarity. The attributes are likewise best preserved when the models are very similar.
Series IMM-M.Sc.-2008-60
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