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Title Advanced robot navigation for multiagent systems using Lego NXT
Author Lemvigh, David
Møller, Andreas
Supervisor Bolander, Thomas (Algorithms and Logic, Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Year 2008
Abstract We created the Advanced robot navigation system, which consists of three parts: The Indoors positioning system which is a positioning system that calculates the position of beacon (a small hardware sensor), by means of verifiable multilateration based on readings from four listeners(same as beacons). The Lego Tank Navigation System is a program used to pilot the Lego tank from one position to another. The LTNS is designed to receive constant updates from the IPS, to improve navigation. The last part is the Multi Agent Tactical Armored Combat System, which is an application that uses both the IPS and LTNS to create a tank system, where the individual tank can be seen on a map, and commands can be sent to the tanks using the GUI. Both the IPS and the LTNS are capable of working independently of each other, and are designed to be easily implemented in other systems.
Series IMM-B.Sc.-2008-24
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