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Title Rock U
Author Buch, Kristoffer
Rinhart, Martin
Supervisor Clausen, Christian (Innovation and sustainability, Department of Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Year 2008
Abstract Introduction Rock U is a conceptual design for an interactive guitar learning system1 that we have developed for Fender (Part of and backbone in the concern FMIC- Fender Musical Instrument Corporation), the world's leading brand in electric guitars. This report will describe and discuss the development process and the concept. We will take our point of departure in the preject phase and discuss how and why we came up with and chose the Rock U concept. Then we will describe the initial concept idea and discuss how we used it to approach further research. We will then explore the arenas and networks related to Rock U and discuss how they relate to each other, to Fender and our concept. Finally we will sum up our findings and their implications for further development in relation to the Rock U concept. In our section on the preject phase, we will discuss how we used an open ended approach, research and creative and cooperative design methods to find an interesting problem or idea. We will recount the methods we used, who we interviewed, where we went and how we worked and discuss how we worked our way to a focus, creating and discarding ideas along the way. We will then describe and discuss the Rock U concept as an idea and how that became a guiding tool and driving force for our further work. We will discuss our initial evaluation and describe the concept using the idea with and in method. Here we will establish the concept as an overall frame and identify technical and contextual problems and challenges. With our concept as a guide we have identified 5 different arenas and networks within them that are relevant to Rock U. The arenas we will analyze have been selected by us on the basis of either being concerned with delivering one or more of the same type of values as we think Rock U could benefit from or because they contain skills and/or resources critical to developing the concept. Each analysis will yield points and come to its own partial conclusions expressed as potentials and critical issues. Following up on the analysis of the arenas we will re-evaluate Rock U in greater detail using 4 different variations of the concept to illustrate important choices and vulnerabilities. This will serve as the conclusion of the report and discuss the interplay between the arenas in relation to the concept. This is not a part of this report, but presented in the oral presentation and defense. These concepts will be discussed in a scenario context, where we hope they are going to be the launch and center of discussion in a critical dialog aimed at realization, with FMIC representatives and experts from the arenas. If this dialog ever becomes a reality, it will take place after the delivery of this project. We will attempt to let the iterative nature of the process be evident throughout the report, however, in the interest of clarity we have chosen a fairly linear structure for the report, going along a single axis from “no idea” towards a “concept in context.”
Pages 66
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