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Title Model for scale deposition in oil and gas production
Author Mohn, Thomas Uffelmann
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Diplom thesis
Year 2009
Abstract The modified Extended UNIQUAC model is applied to the following binary and ternary carbonate systems CaCO3-H2O, BaCO3-H2O,SrCO3-H2O and CaCO3-CO2-H2O, BaCO3-CO2-H2O, SrCO3-CO2-H2O. The results show that the Extended UNIQUAC model was able to represent the solubility data within the experimental accuracy in the range of temperatures (0 – 200ºC) and pressures considered (0 – 150 bar). No great visual divergence between the results obtained in this project compared to those obtained by Garcia et. al. were observed. For the ternary systems CaCO3-NaCl-H2O, BaCO3-NaCl-H2O, SrCO3-NaCl-H2O the Extended UNIQUACE did not do as well as in the previous mentioned systems. This is a direct result from too few and too unreliable data points at one bar of pressure and a very limited temperature span (25 - 40 ºC) All taken into consideration the Extended UNIQUAC model yields all around good result. The model makes an appropriate tool to study and predict scale formation in oil wells, as well as surface equipment. With this kind of knowledge appropriate measures to avoid or reduce possible mineral scaling can be taken
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