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Title Traceability in Optical Coordinate Metrology
Author Jurkšaitis, Donatas
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Master's thesis
Year 2002
Abstract The usage of coordinate metrology is growing together with industry and production. Products are becoming smaller, more accurate of recent industry. In addition, the soft and brittle materials are choosing more often for products. This expects from coordinate measuring machines more accuracy, not damage measuring items, high measuring speed. The common mechanical coordinate measuring machines with conventional ball – tip probes these are used for long time starting not meet the all requirements of the recent industry. Consequently, the industry is choosing the coordinate measuring machines with optical probing system. However, mistrust still left of the accuracy and faculty of CMMs with optical probing system. The investigation of coordinate measuring machines with optical probing system these are used in the industry is described in this report. The investigations have been carrying out by using the new two-dimensional artifact, which is described in this report too. This report consists of five chapters. The fist chapter gives a general introduction to optical CMMs and possible limitations in measurements performed with them. The state of the art, introduction of CMMs verification and calibration are discussed too. The second chapter describes an optical coordinate measuring machine which was placed at the department. The learning to use and investigation of these CMMs was main purpose for this project. The purpose of chapter 3 is an investigation of disc plate and its thermal expansion. The new heating set – up was designed during this part of project. Chapter 4 describes calibration of the disc plate. The purpose of this chapter is preparation of well-known artifact for CMM verification, which is described in the last chapter of this report. In addition, the investigations of this chapter were involved in an industrial project.
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Pages 142
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