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Title Anvendelse af overspray til fremstilling af HIP emner
Author Nielsen, Jakob A.
Institution Technical University of Denmark, DTU, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Year 2003
Abstract The aim of this work has been to investigate how Dan Spray A/S can make their overspray meet the requirements set by Bodycote Powdermet AB in order to steel powder in their HIP-production. There has been a study of different production methods of steel powder with reference to understand the connexion between the production methods and the steel powder characteristics. By doing so it has been possible to evaluate different methods in order to utilize the overspray. The mechanism during HIP has been investigated so that possible problems caused by the characteristics of overspray should be determined. Some areas in which overspray should be improved were determined by a preliminary test. Improvements were made at Dan Spray A/S installation and tests was carried out. The consequence indicates that the modification has resulted in: „h The number of powder particles with foreign alloying are reduced and then at an acceptable level. „h The amount of glass- and ceramic particles are lowered and now at an acceptable level. „h The amount of oxygen has not been lovered in the overspray and is still at an unacceptable high level. „h The consequence of the high amount of oxygen is the contents of slag¡¦s which is not reduced. The test has demonstrated the difficulties to keep oxygen free from the overspray. Properly, because of steels high oxygen affinity at increased temperatures.
Pages 49
Keywords Materials technology
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