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Title NDT Scan of Live rings
Author Andersen, Daniel (Copenhagen University College of Engineering, IHK)
Supervisor Peter Schreiber, Mads
Institution Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Education Diplomingeniør, Maskiningeniør
Education Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Publication date 2012-06
Abstract This report is discussing the subject automated NDT scanning for kiln tires, later called live rings, on cement kilns. It is the purpose to investigate and discover the best technology to make an automated NDT scan of the live rings on cement kilns. Based on the chosen technology a decision about how to measure the cracks in the live ring should be made. The last objective is to construct the crawler on the basis of our research and discoveries.
The report will cover analyze of different NDT scan method, analyze and drawings of practical solutions and calculations of static and dynamic forces on the cement kiln. The practical solutions for the sensor are supported with calculations to fully describe the different obstacles about constructing the crawler.
Pages 70
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