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Title Micro Inverter for solar
Author Awad, Hassan (Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK)
Supervisor Mellemgaard, Gitte (Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK)
Institution Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Education Diplomingeniør, Eksport
Education Bachelor of Engineering
Publication date 2014-12
Abstract This study investigates how Polaric can enter the inverter market by optimizing the production cost of a micro inverter remarkably. The product design is based on copying the design of the Involar (Chinese micro inverter).
The optimization is also based on improving the technology by equipping it with a wireless technology.
The market research is based on primary data, on-to-on In-Depth-Interviews and inductive grounded theory mythology.
The market research indicates the inverter technology is attractive especially based on optimizing the price and provides a longer warranty.
The market analysis showed that solar panels have been an attractive investment during the last couple of years. The target group was also determined to be Block of flats/ public buildings, Industrial buildings (administrative) and Households. The total amount was 6.3 GW
There is a high competition on the market in this type of industry. The market research shows that Polaric must not only compete on price, but must also provide the customers with attractive buying terms. Further more human value and the added value processes are decisive to succeed in this industry.
Finally Polaric must build up a well know brand in order to attract the buyers.
Most of the production is outsourced. Polaric will only produce two subcomponents themselves and make the final assembly.
The total production cost is set to DKK 167,33 and the list price is DKK 334,00.
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