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Title Digital preamplifier with dynamic crossover filter : Based on a Digital Signal Processor
Author Christensen, Mads Monsen (Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK)
Supervisor Baden-Kristensen, Keld (Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK)
Institution Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Education Diplomingeniør, Elektronik
Education !!Diplomingeniør, elektronik
Publication date 2013-01
Abstract To create flexibility in the existing products of Helio Audio, a Digital Preamplifier has been developed. The development of the preamplifier focuses on implementing a 2-way crossover filter on a DSP, for a subwoofer and main speakers and a user interface for updating the filter coefficients in real time. The filters are developed as FIR filters in a manner which emulates the magnitude response of analog filters, but with the advantages of digital filters with linear phase.
The challenge of implementing 2-way crossover filter with one having a narrow pass band is solved using multirate processing.
The audio processing is implemented on a SHARC ADSP-21369 DSP and a user interface is imple-mented with a MSP430 MCU, a LCD display and buttons.
The implemented filters are tested to be close to perfect, with measured frequency responses as the test method.
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