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Title Early Alerting System For Forest Fire Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Author Ahmed, Mubbashar (Copenhagen University College of Engineering, IHK)
Supervisor Kaur, Bipjeet (Copenhagen University College of Engineering, IHK)
Institution Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Education Diplomingeniør, IT
Education Bachelor of Engineering
Publication date 2013-06
Abstract Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has become one of the most important issues for environmental monitoring, i.e. Wildfire monitoring. Many wild fires cause forest damages. We have discussed a system design approach to wireless sensor network (WSN) based on the monitoring of wildfire. The objective of the proposed system is to provide early warning of potential forest fires as well as to provide an intelligent evaluation of the scale and intensity of the fire. The Forest Fire Alerting System (FFAS) consists of a wireless sensor network (WSN) Simulation, Middleware, and a Web Based application. The purpose of wireless sensor network is to measure the temperature (t), relative humidity (h); rain (r) and wind speed (WS), whereas the middleware examines the received data and information from the wireless sensor network (WSN) simulator and creates a warning alarm as soon as a contingency situation is identified or detected. For the sake of validation, we have designed and implemented a prototype by the use of Microsoft Framework and Java based tools to accomplish extensive simulation experiments. Results show the effectiveness and reliability of our proposed approach based on wireless sensor network (WSN).
Pages 74
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