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Author Pedersen, Regin (Copenhagen University College of Engineering, IHK)
Supervisor Schlünssen, Jan
Petersson, Claus
Institution Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, IHK, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Thesis level Bachelor thesis
Education Diplomingeniør, Eksport
Education Bachelor of Engineering
Publication date 2010-12
Abstract InnospeXion ApS
This report documents an investigation of the market opportunities in Japan for the Danish company InnospeXion ApS which manufactures X-ray inspection equipment for detection of errors in packaging and foreign contaminant objects in mass produced goods. This investigation was commissioned by InnospeXion due to a surprise order from Japan, for one of the company’s products. The report documents the market opportunities, investigates feasible entry strategies, analyzes necessary technical and service-related improvements to InnospeXion’s product offer, and evaluates the cultural implications of a market entry to Japan for InnospeXion. In summary, market opportunities seem to exist for InnospeXion in Japan, at least in the packaged foods and meats market. However, InnospeXion should attempt to find an intermediary who can communicate in English and Japanese and conduct technically advanced after-sales services. Additionally, InnospeXion’s product offer needs both technical and service related improvements. The product software needs to feature more advanced algorithms and become easier to learn how to use. New product features should be promoted by observing customer product usage. Marketing material, manuals and interfaces need to be translated into Japanese. Finally, InnospeXion should take advantage of common cultural values between Denmark and Japan to promote personal business relationships. However, InnospXion should also be aware of Japanese expectations of executive business meetings and, timely delivery of top-quality products.
Regin Pedersen December 2010
Pages 74
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